Traceable Origin

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It is important to know where and how your gems are sourced. This becomes increasingly important in today’s world where conflict is widespread and gems are stolen or otherwise illegally obtained. Furthermore, there is no industry-wide standard to determine where the gem has really come from, how it was obtained, or who has handled your gem. Most companies or jewellers will, at best, be able to state the country of origin.

Aria Gems takes this very seriously. We believe it is important to know not only from where the gem has come, but also to know each step in its journey. It is important to know how the gem made its way to the market and ultimately to you.

Aria Gems has developed a proprietary system that tracks each gem as it travels through our value chain. This is possible because Aria Gems is fully vertically integrated. At Aria Gems we work directly with the miners in sourcing our emeralds. The gemstone travel through our value chain, making it possible to record and track the gemstone’s movement. We are, at any given point, able to tell you who handled your gem, where it has been, and where it has come from, which includes the mine and the miner who mined it. In this manner Aria Gems, thus, goes a few steps forward and provides you with a complete Chain of Custody. For us Traceable Origin is being able to let our customers know the who, the where, and the what of your gems.

We believe that Aria Gems is setting the benchmark for traceability and origin. All our gems come with provenance that states the country of origin, the mine and the miner.

When you buy an Aria Gems emerald you buy with the assurance that your gem is yours and has never been worn by another. You are the first owner of this precious and rare emerald.