Panjshir Emeralds

The wpanjhirvalleypg snoword Emerald is derived from the Greek word, “smaragdos”, which has its roots in the Persian word“zomorrod.” It is thus only befitting that Aria Gems should bring you emeralds from the ancient lands of the Persian Empire.

Panjshir Emeralds are found in Panjshir Valley in the Hindu Kush Mountains along the foothills of the Himalayan Mountain range. The mines in Panjshir Valley are located at some of the world’s highest elevations at around 5000 m above sea level.

Panjshir Emeralds have a long and lustrous history. Emeralds have been reported in Panjshir Valley for thousands of years. It is believed that the first emeralds that Romans saw were Panjshir Emeralds. Up until 2000 years ago, Panjshir Emeralds were traded along the Silk Road with Alexander the Great and Pilny the Elder. That is until now! Aria Gems is one of the first, and largest, companies in the modern period to ethically and legally commercialize emeralds from Panjshir. Aria Gems now brings the finest gems from the Silk Road to you!


Pilny The elder wrote this about the emerald in 1 A.D.

“There is no stone the color of which is more delightful to the eye … in looking upon the smaragdus there being no green in existence of a more intense color than this”

When judging an emerald, the color is of most importance. The color should be the perfect balance between blue and green creating that perfect emerald green. Emeralds from different regions vary in intensity of colour depending on the amount of copper and iron. Emeralds from Panjshir are known for their intense green colour and recognized as representing some of the best on the planet.


No two Emeralds are alike. Each emerald contains certain bubbles, cracks, flecks or foreign crystals, called inclusion or jardin (garden in French). These inclusions are visible to the naked eye. These inclusions tell the story of the emerald’s origin below the earth and its journey to sunlight. There is thus a certain beauty and mystery to these imperfections. Clean, perfect emeralds are rare to find.


Treatment – 95% of emeralds in the market are treated to minimize imperfections. Many suppliers treat emeralds with oils, resins, waxes and other types of treatments to enhance the emerald’s colour and clarity. Untreated emeralds are very rare. Aria Emeralds are Natural and untreated. Some traces of oils may be found due to handling. Aria Gems does not treat emeralds with oils, resins or waxes to enhance their colour or clarity. The beauty of an emerald is revealed in its true natural form.