The Story of Aria Gems

pic - Dubai multiple lg lotAria Gems is the world’s leading source of legally exported, natural, Panjshir Emeralds. Aria Gems is a vertically integrated company, which owns and controls the entire process from mining, security, shipping, cutting, polishing, marketing and sales. We bring the best in emeralds directly to you.

Aria Gems, though, is more than a mining company. We are pioneers and innovators. Operating at the crossroads of technology, mining, and marketing, we are changing the gems mining industry. Through our technological innovation we are able to monitor the value chain which, in turn, allows us to provide a full chain of custody and traceable origin of your emerald.

As a vertically integrated company, our gems pass through only one pair of hands – our hands. In the traditional model, a gem changes hands at least 10 to 15 times from mineral dealers to gem agents to cutters and polishers before finally making its way to you. At Aria Gems, the entire process in managed in-house including cutting, polishing, and sales. The Aria Gems’ cutting facility in Fargo, North Dakota, provides customised cuts for gems. We offer over 30 patent-pending gem cuts that honour and reflect our heritage.

Ethically Mined | Traceable Origin | Conflict Free

Princess of DaggersWe are committed to the rebuilding of Afghanistan and have deep roots in the culture and customs of the country. Many of Aria Gems’ principals are of Afghan descent and elders from Panjshir Valley who recognize their country’s vast natural resources and its potential to drive economic development. We work very closely with the Elders in Panjshir valley to source our emeralds in a time-honored tradition that emphasizes responsibility and community building. We are one of the first and the largest company to legally commercialize the export of gems from Afghanistan.

At Aria Gems we are proud of our vertical integration and this is what sets us apart. Our direct involvement throughout the process ensures that each gem we source has been ethically sourced, is conflict free and has a traceable origin. We are able to provide provenance for each of our gems, which includes names of the mine and the miner.

Ethically Mined | Traceable Origin | Conflict Free

….it takes a woman to wear serious emeralds.- Hettie Judah