Jim Rentfrow Cutting Emeralds in FargoGem cutting has been around for thousands of years. It has evolved from using natural gems in simple jewelry to cabochon cuts used in royal jewelry collections during the middle ages, to today’s precision cuts gemstones utiliziFig 5  Cutting the crownng precise angles for maximum brilliance.

Aria Gems specialises in precision cuts. We have our own in-house facility in Fargo, North Dakota where our cutters can custom cut your emerald or emerald lots.

All gems cut by Aria gems utilise high quality polish and excellent meet points. Aria Gems Panjshir Emeralds are natural emeralds.  We do not use any treatments to enhance clarity such as oils or waxes to bring out the beauty of the gem.

Our patented cuts are designed to bring out the very best in this beautiful gem. Most commercial cutting houses are using diamond grits of 14,000. Aria gems uses 50,000 and 100,000 grit diamond polish to maximize the light reflected off of our facets. This use of 
better polish increases light reflection by 20%. In addition, we use angles (with significantly greater precision) optimised to maximise brilliance based upon the refractive index of emerald. Combined, this allows us to fashion an emerald that is brighter than commercial cut stones.

Please email us at cutting@ariagems.com for more information.