Cut Emeralds

Aria Gems sells cut Aria Panjshir Emeralds both loose and by the lot directly from Panjshir Valley.  To order cut gems, please contact our Sales Department at

An Overview of our Our Cut Gems Sales Process:

1. Your Needs? – Determine quantity, quality, and desired shipping location of your cut gems

2. Place Order – Contact to complete an order form and determine price

3. Source Gems – Aria Gems sources your rough gems from our Aria Gems’ Mining Association

4. View Gem(s) – Rough gems are available for both viewing online and in-person at a designed location

5. Confirm Order – Agree on the price, quality, and quantity.  Gems are sent to Afghan Customs direct from the Panjshir Mines.

6. Logistics – Rough Gems are sent to Dubai, NYC, then to Fargo, USA to our in-house cutters

7. Cutting – Gems are cut to your specifications and shipped securely to You or held for Pick-up!

For more details please contact