Customs and Export Documentation

Customs – In Afghanistan, Our Afghan rough gemstones are ALWAYS inspected, valued, and receive a stamped document by Afghanistan’s Customs.

Export/Import   – Aria Gems is one of the First & Only commercial firms in the World to commercially and securely export Afghan gemstones directly from the mines of Afghanistan to anywhere in the World.

pic-Afghan Original 1st Customs Stamp

Completed & Stamped NYC Customs Form for .5kg of Afghan Gems, 2013

pic-Blank Afghan- Dubai Export Doc Jul 2015

Sample Dubai Export Doc, July 2015









Our Import/Export subject matter experts along with our partnership with one of the largest global secure logistics firms in the World, ensure your gemstones reach you directly in the fastest way possible.

Note: over 95% of Afghan gemstones in global distribution today are NOT compliant with Afghan Customs Laws severely impacting fair trade and the welfare of Afghanistan.