Conflict Free

we are conflict free.

Aria Gems mines only in regions of Afghanistan that are free from conflict. Panjshir Valley, where Aria Gems’ mines are located, is known not only for its beautiful landscape but also for being one of the most peaceful regions of Afghanistan. Located 150 KM North of Kabul, in North-central Afghanistan, near the Hindu Kush Mountains, Panjshir is the home of the Afghan hero, Ahmad Shah Massoud, and was a bastion of anti-Taliban resistance during the extremists’ 1996-2001 regime. It has since been one of the most peaceful places in Afghanistan and is often referred to as the Tranquil Valley. And the locals in the valley are keen to keep it that way. The highway to the valley is one of the most controlled and patrolled roads in the country. Intelligence reports, released through Wikileaks, confirm Panjshir as one of the most secure and safe regions in the country, calling it a “unique success story within Afghanistan.” The locals have, in fact, implemented a ‘neighborhood watch’ system to ensure the continuation of their peace and tranquility. The secure environment of Panjshir has enabled development to take place with roads, hospitals, home schooling for girls, and micro-hydro electric plants.