Why Aria Gems

“…rehabilitation of the gemstone industry are critical because all are good sources of foreign exchange earnings with quick cash flow returns….” – Geology and Natural Resources of Afghanistan, United Nations Report

Aria Gems is the world’s leading source of Panjshir Emeralds. We specialize in the global sourcing, secure logistics, marketing, and sales of high quality, natural Panjshir emeralds from the Panjshir Valley in Afghanistan.

host rockAria Gems is more than a mining company. Aria Gems grew from the aspirations of Afghans who wanted to contribute to the rebuilding and development of their country. The Elders in Panjshir Valley recognise their country’s vast natural resources and its potential to spur economic development. They realise the role the gemstone industry can play in bringing prosperity and stability to their country. These very same elders are principals and part owners of Aria Gems.

Aria Gems works directly with the Afghan Elders, Government, and International Customs to export high quality Aria Panjshir Emeralds directly to you. Aria Gems pays duties and customs to the government. Aria Gems is in fact one of the largest and the first company to legally, ethically and responsibly export emeralds from Afghanistan.

Inside Mine panjshir

At Aria Gems, we work directly with the miners to source our emeralds. The miners receive a fair price for the gemstone and as owners of the company share in the profits.

Remember when you buy an Aria Gems Emerald you are buying a rare and precious gemstone and contributing to the development of Afghanistan and its people.

Aria Gems is committed to the role it plays in bringing prosperity and stability to Afghanistan.