Ethical Route to Market

Aria miner holding a gemstone

In the traditional emerald mining model, gems are mined by miners, and then passed through to mineral agents, gemstone dealers, gemstone agents, and wholesalers in order to be analyzed, sorted, polished and cut, before making their way to you. It is not uncommon for an emerald to pass through 10-15 hands before it reaches the market.

Aria Gems has worked very hard to build a proprietary system to bring the gems directly to you from the mine. At Aria Gems, the gem passes through only one hand – ours – when you buy directly from us, and two when you buy through our trusted partners and channel. Aria Gems works directly with the miners to source the gems. The gems then pass through our internal proprietary system, where Aria Gems experts analyse, sort, polish and cut the gems. We are, at any given point, able to tell you who handled your gem, where it has been, and where it has come from, which includes the mine and the miner who mined it. In this manner Aria Gems, thus, goes a few steps forward and provides you with a complete Chain of Custody.

We believe that Aria Gems is setting the benchmark for traceability and origin. All our gems come with provenance that states the country of origin, the mine and the miner.