Aria Gems’ Approach

Aria Gem Miners

We hear a lot about ethical mining, responsible sourcing in the mining industry. These are buzz words spoken by almost every company and jeweller. But at Aria Gems, these are not simply words, words that we speak in haste. At Aria Gems, ethical mining is a way of life. It is how we work with you. It is how we work with our miners. It is how we work with our community.

Aria Gems is more than a mining company. At Aria Gems we are committed to the rebuilding of Afghanistan and have deep roots in the culture and customs of the country. Many of Aria’s principals are of Afghan descent and elders from the Panjshir Valley who recognize their country’s vast natural resources, and its potential to drive economic development. We work very closely with the Elders in Panjshir valley to source our emeralds in a time-honored tradition that emphasizes responsibility and community building.

Emerald mining has traditionally been the domain of artisanal (small-scale) miners. And this is no different in Panjshir Valley. Miners In Panjshir Valley have been mining emeralds for generations. Aria Gems works directly with miners in sourcing the gems. Miners receive a fair price for the gems and as part owners of the company share in the profits.